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Huge News: My Making A Murderer Crush Knows Who I Am




From Rolling Stone:


Now that the documentary is out, people on the Internet are kind of obsessed with you. I saw a headline this morning that says “The Reporter In ‘Making A Murderer’ May Be The Hardest Crush I’ve Ever Had In My Life,” and this blogger goes on to say, “Making a Murderer is a true crime tale about a brutal and horrific killing followed by the very fishy court case, but the moment Angenette Levy came on screen the main crime became theft of my heart.” That’s pretty weird! What’s that been like?

I’m very shocked when I read these things. It’s kind of amusing, kind of weird. It’s certainly been really surprising. I had no idea I was going to be in this documentary, so it’s taken me by surprise quite a bit.

There have been a lot of nice people who have tweeted me and messaged me. People have been really nice to me, which is refreshing, and then you have people who ask, “Why didn’t you ask this? Why didn’t you ask that?” and I’m thinking to myself, “We asked a lot of questions back then.” I mean, we really did.





Booooommmmmmm! Look at little old me, in a relationship all of a sudden. Is this how I imagined my life going? Did I think I’d meet my wife after writing a blog about her on the internet? Of course not, but this is the way the cookie is crumbling. I’m sure Angenette is thinking the same thing. Did she wake up one morning and think “I bet I’m going to fall in love with a blogger today”? No way, Jose. But that’s how it all went down. She finds me kind of amusing, kind of weird. Pretty much the nicest thing ever said about me, to be perfectly honest. Now I’ve got to find a way to work that into our wedding vows, though. Might be the most difficult part of this whole thing. Probably need to have Steve Avery and Brendan Dassey in my groomsman’s party too, right? Not ideal, but if it weren’t for them then Angenette and I never would’ve cyber met. It would be rude to leave them out of the nuptials after they made magic happen.



PS – I read that “theft of my heart” line and thought Holy shit, who wrote that? Someone give me my Pulitzer.