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Mumbai Police Force-Fed A Thief 48 Bananas So He'd Shit Out A Necklace He Stole Then Swallowed

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MUMBAI: The police successfully deployed an unusual technique to retrieve a gold chain that a thief had swallowed while officers were in hot pursuit — they force-fed him more than 40 bananas. The man denied snatching the chain from a woman in the street in Mumbai and swallowed it in a desperate bid to conceal his crime last week, but hospital X-rays suggested otherwise. Police in Mumbai administered an enema which failed to yield the desired result. Doctors said an operation would be the best way forward, but police officers decided it would be too expensive and opted instead for the bananas. “He was fed more than 40 bananas throughout the day,” Mumbai police Senior Inspector Shankar Dhanavade told news agency AFP. “Eventually the chain was found. We made him wash and disinfect it,” the policeman added. The 25-year-old man appeared in court on Friday and is in police custody, said Mr Dhanavade. According to reports, it was not the first time Mumbai police had turned to the fruit in order to recover a stolen item.



I have a question. Has Ex-Lax not made it’s way over to wherever the hell Mumbai is?  The answer has to be no. I’m not surprised they don’t have Ex-Lax I’m just saying. Otherwise the Mumbai police chose the most difficult way to get the thief to shit out the stolen necklace.  I’ll even say it’s borderline torture if they do in fact have Ex-Lax over in that part of the world and wouldn’t give it to him instead.  To just keep feeding him and feeding him and feeding him and feeding him until he plead guilty by pooping out the stolen goods is some medieval stuff. And then to make him dig it out of his own poop and retrieve it?  Brutal. That is torture. On the flip side, there is no way in hell this guy is ever stealing again. He won’t even cross the street without a crosswalk after this. So maybe mission accomplished. He’ll also never be able to eat a banana again which is actually fine. Bananas are money pits. I pretty much buy bananas to throw them away. They’re good for about 50 minutes. After that they rot on my kitchen counter. I’m better off lighting my money on fire.



This leads me to believe they in fact do not have Ex-Lax in Mumbai


According to reports, it was not the first time Mumbai police had turned to the fruit in order to recover a stolen item.