Homeless Dude Takes A Dump Right In The Middle Of NYC Starbucks

Call the police, he’s pooping right now! He’s shitting in the Starbucks!

She called the shit “poop!” What an absolute All Star. A New York City MVP. Dude isn’t mentally ill. Just a heroin addict. No mental issues, just issues with detoxing from that H. And I’m not sure what Starbucks’ corporate policies say, but I’m pretty sure denying a drug addict from using your toilet is illegal. There is no reason a heroin addict cant poop in your bathroom. Like a mentally disturbed person I can understand. There’s no telling what a lunatic will do in that bathroom. Things could get messy and dangerous in there. But a heroin addict needs to poop just like everyone else. Let that junkie pinch one off, shoot up some horse, and he’ll be on his way with a Venti mochachino chai tea. Thats a lot better than him shitting on the floor of your Starbucks and waddling around the joint with his pants around his ankles. Your choice Starbucks.

PS – Yes, this will soon be the new capital of Barstool Sports. Now you’re in Newwwwww Yorrrrrrk

Shout out to Tim for the link