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I Can't Believe A Star Wars Super Nerd Hasn't Lit This Troll's Car On Fire (FORCE AWAKENS SPOILER ALERT, I Repeat, SPOILER ALERT)

Some men just want to watch the world burn. This is so unbelievably troll you almost have to allow this guy to come out from under his bridge more often. If you’re gonna be a certified dick, whip it out there for everyone to see. There’s zero reason to do this other than to be a genuine asshole and ruin days. Granted, everyone who would be that upset has already seen the movie 10x over, but still. It’s the principle of the matter. I like Star Wars, I’m not an over the top super nerd. I’m SHOCKED there’s not a Jedi-ballwasher with a backbone that would smash his windows to protect and uphold justice in the galaxy. Then I realized anyone who cares about Star Wars, or anything not grounded in reality, that much might have to be classified as an invertebrate. Those loveable folks can’t handle confrontation outside of a rousing game of Stratego, as Triumph amazingly shows: