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Prepare For This Lady's Try Hard Reaction Of A Fire To Go Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Oklahoma – More than 100 people do not have power or heat on Sunday night after a fire broke out at an apartment complex near 61st and Peoria Street. It destroyed the electrical panels that serve the entire Casa Linda apartment complex. It’s the reason why all of the residents there are without power tonight. When we got to the scene earlier today we expected everyone would be miserable and upset. But that’s not at all what we found. “You could hear ‘em poppin’,” Edward Robinson said. “It actually sounded like the Fourth of July in there.” What Robinson and his neighbors heard was electrical wires frying.

So this is where we’re at in life. A real woman commenting on a realer fire tries for a quick grab at fame and idiots all over these internets are going to bite – HARD. Look at this shit. One would hope the fakest part about this is someone actually attempted to impregnate her three times, especially if her Tracy Morgan switch is always turned on. A shitty autotune of this happy crap has already dropped, too.

There is nothing original left in this world even in the most organically original spots. How can you be that fake in an M&M’s racing jacket (Boss move for the grabbing the one thing she wouldn’t leave behind in a fire, that includes her kids). Keep the spontaneous reactions to the Sweet Brown’s of the world, people.

Sweet Brown. Sweet Fucking Jesus Lovin’ Golden Tooth Georgia Brown. Bless you child. Get this woman some shoes and a cold pop so she can cure her bronchitis. I’ve had bronchitis, and I agree 100% Jesus, ain’t nobody got time for that. Screw the autotune, somebody needs to splice Sweet Brown’s Jesus saving fire preaching into that scene in Glory where they’re preparing the night before to go into battle. Oh my Lord, Lord Lord Lord. Sweet Brown deserves to share the stage with Morgan and Denzel in comical fashion.

PS – Bro in background, yeah your Mom’s embarrassing you in front of the world. Sweet Brown does what she wants when she wants. Deal with it.