Even Ovi Can't Help But To Get In On Playing The PowerBall

I’m actually shocked Ovi didn’t win the lottery on Saturday. The Caps had a day game at MSG where Ovi scored twice, including a dazzling game winner

then he immediately got back to DC, called up his pops, and went to the 7-11 to buy some lottery tickets. He was not about to lose his chance to win 800 million dollars. No sir. I HATE that he’s buying lottery tickets though. DESPISE it. This is the Caps best chance to win a Cup, ever. Imagine if Ovi binked the lottery. We’re done. Over with. He’d be swimming in an olympic sized swimming pool of vodka with 15 Russian models before you could even blink.

PS: You know his dad has seen some shit in his life. This guy has had people murdered. But just loves playing the lottery. Definitely expects to win every time he plays and is shocked he doesn’t. Which really isn’t too different than me. Starting around 8pm the night of the drawing I start visualizing my course of action when I win. Like who I would call, where I’d go, which of my friends I’d make my Turtle.

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