I'm Ready To Discuss The DeSean Play From Yesterday And If I Want Him Back Next Year

I’m ready to discuss the DeSean Jackson play from yesterday. You know, the play where DeSean showed 0 awareness, didn’t want to put forth any effort, and didn’t even attempt to score at the goal line:


I….I don’t even know what to say. It’s so easy to score at the goal line in football. If you hit the pylon with the ball it’s 6. If you get a millimeter of the ball over the plane, it’s 6. But what did DeSean do? Put his hand without the ball over the goal line and step out of bounds to avoid a diving hit from a 180 pound corner. This if the fucking NFL playoffs. The fact he didn’t extend the ball, make a play for the end zone, nothing…nothing at all, is pathetic. It’s so fucking DeSean Jackson you almost have to tip your hat to how he constantly finds ways to make you hate him. Skins fans have such a beaten wife mentality with him- hate him and want him gone until he makes a 70 yard catch and then you go sorry sorry sorry I love you.

With DeSean on the field stretching the opposing defense the offense is obviously better. It allows Jordan Reed to get open, it allows Crowder to work the slot, it theoretically opens up the running game with the safety not being able to stay in the box. But that’s only if DeSean gives effort, and often times his routes are lazy because he relies so much on his pure speed.

Which is why the question “do you want DeSean back next year?” is such a tough one. There’s no denying he’s a good football player. A game changer. I’m pretty sure I read that he has more 40+ yard catches than any player over the last 5 years. But his attitude generally sucks, he was the only player not at OTAs, which led him to coming into camp out of shape, which possibly led to him pulling his hamstring in the opening week. Look, I get it- DeSean is a hired gun. He doesn’t care who he plays for as long as he’s getting touches and making a ton of money. I can’t blame him, football is a violent game and he just wants his and to get back to his family. But as the Redskins move forward and rebuild, is he the type of player they want around? But at the same time, Kirk’s numbers with DeSean on the field are through the fucking roof. His completion % is up, his yards per throw are up, every viable stat is up.

Thank goodness I’m not a GM. There is no player that giveth and takeths quite like DeSean. Every single time I try to make an argument for keeping or for getting rid of him, I think about how great the other side of the argument is. Redskins fans seem split down the middle on it too. At the end of the day, I think keeping him is stillllll the right option. There’s just not enough WRs with DeSean Jackson’s game-changing ability out there. For every time he pussies out at the goal line like yesterday, there are times he burns a CB for 6 on a fly route. Losing DeSean would hurt this offense, and you just don’t want to lose a weapon like that. Sucks, but this is the NFL and that’s the way it works.