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Reader Email – Is Eating Wings At Hooters With Gloves The Softest Move Of All Time?



Reader Email

I’m not even sure what the F I’m seeing…this guy should have his man card permanently revoked. And this is at a Hooters (Saugus, MA) which only makes it worse.


I’m honestly speechless. Does Hooters give out these gloves? They must right? Like nobody would bring these on their own right? Although I guess if you’re crazy enough to wear them in the first place you may be crazy enough to bring your own. Just such a diabolical move. I mean it’s one thing to wear a giant life style bib if you got a meeting afterwards but gloves? Wash your freaking hands bro. You’re at fucking Hooters! In Saugus! How nervous would you be if you were a chick working here? That’s how you end up chopped up in a freezer for sure.