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Is This The Best Vine of 2016 or The Best Vine of All Time? – Lebron Taking A Basketball Off the Face


What a time to be alive! Hey Bron Bron….BOOM ROASTED!  I’ve been waiting for a moment like this damn near my entire life. To finally see Bron Bron get his comeuppance! It really was beautiful to watch his smug ass face get humiliated by a basketball.

As a sidenote I’d hate to be the guy who passed that to him. He’s probably already been executed. Tons of pressure on those rebound guys. Ask Big Cat about it. When we were in that 500K basketball tournament that was pretty much our jobs. To make sure everybody had a ball during pregame shootaround. There is always that moment when somebody is calling for a ball but gets a different one right as you release yours. Disaster scenario. Like Josh Boone isn’t laughing it off if you smash him in the face with a ball. He’d probably try to kill you. And we were buddies with Dante Jones but again I’m pretty sure if we hit him in the face he would have gank’d us on the spot. High risk low reward job for sure.