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How Hasn’t Marvin Lewis Been Fired Yet?




This honestly has to be the biggest mystery of not only 2016 but the decade so far. How does Marvin “0-7 in the playoffs” still have a job this morning? It’s not even about the record anymore. It’s the complete and total lack of control he clearly has over his team. I’ve heard people try to defend him. I heard Merril Hodge say Lewis can’t control what guys do between the white lines.   I’ve seen articles say it wasn’t his fault.  I’ve heard Marvin Lewis himself try to make excuses and defend his players.  Meanwhile Pac Man Jones is going nuts on Instagram and saying Antonio Brown flopped.  Umm what planet am I on! I honestly thought there was a chance somebody was going to get murdered in broad daylight during that game. I was worried PacMan Jones or Vontaze Burfict was going to stab somebody at the bottom of a pile and ruin football forever.  And this wasn’t some fluke.   Look at this hit from Burfict the week before.




I know I’ve said this a couple times but it honestly felt like I was watching The Last Boyscout. The game that was finally going to end football forever. And Marvin Lewis just shrugs his shoulders and is like “ho hum…what could I do about it?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME! All of the Bengals problems start and stop at the top. There is nobody to blame but Marvin Lewis for last night’s complete and utter meltdown. The fact he still has a job right now is bizzaro world and just shows what a joke franchise the Bengals are. Basically by virtue of the fact he still is employed right now it just shows this type of behavior is acceptable. As long as Marvin Lewis is the head coach the Bengals they will always be the laughing stock of the league. You have to fire him and you had to fire him before he even got back to the locker room last night. That’s free advice from a champion who knows what winning and doing your job is all about.