Muslim Lady/Protester Gets Kicked Out Of Trump Rally For No Reason


Not a good look for Team Trump. Can’t be kicking out a Muslim lady for having a silent protest. Maybe just pat her down to make sure she’s not wired, but you can’t kick her out. Pretty sure that’s not how America works.  And this lady was really well spoken and made a ton of sense when she was interviewed after the fact. BUT I’m still firmly on Team Trump. Why? Because look at this picture.


If you don’t think that’s funny well then fuck you. Joe Hillbilly from South Carolina showing up at a Trump rally in his camo “Make America Great Again” hat and getting stuck next to this lady. How pissed must have he been? Like showing up at a KKK rally and sitting next to a black person. Horrible luck. His face shows it all too…”Like fuck this only happens to you Rufus…only you”

Trump is the only candidate that gives moments like these to make fun of.