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Earth Day Coming in Hot This Year With a Concert on The Mall With No Doubt, Fall Out Boy, Usher and a Bunch of Others



DCist - In honor of the 45th Earth Day celebration, a bunch of chart-topping pop stars will perform a free concert on the National Mall. You know, for the earth. On April 18, the Earth Day Network and The Global Poverty Project will host the “Global Citizen Earth Day,” which will feature performances from No Doubt, Usher, Fall Out Boy, Mary J. Blige, Train, and My Morning Jacket. There will also be guest appearances by Common and D’Banj and the whole event will be hosted by and Soledad O’Brien. Though the free event, which will take place on April 18, promises a lot of music, you can also expect equally as much activism. Organizers of the event say this is part of a “widespread effort to mobilize global citizens in the climate and environmental movement and the poverty and development movement, and to drive bold commitments from governments, businesses, and individuals.” In previous Earth Day celebrations on the National Mall—in 2009 and 2012—activists and advocates spoke about environmental issues in between sets.


Shouts to Earth Day! Sneakily crawling up the holiday power rankings in the last 5 years. As a mid-major holiday you don’t really think about Earth Day but it always shows up when it counts and makes a big run. Of course it’s never going to knock off the Thanksgivings or the Christmases or the Halloweens of the world, but it’s definitely working on getting into the discussion. And it has without a doubt taken Flag Day behind the shed. Haven’t heard a damn peep out of Flag Day in years. It’s all about global warming. So hot right now. (A+ joke.)


PS: How about No Doubt comin out of nowhere to headline this thing?? That’s pretty cool. If you aren’t down with No Doubt you aren’t livin’. And headlining over Usher and Fall Out Boy to boot. So many smash hits.





PS: The first cassette tape I ever owned was Usher’s Nice and Slow. Was very confusing for a 5th grade Nate. Still is now tbh.