Most 7 foot 3 people cant even walk straight and they end up dying early because they’re suck freaks. Kristaps Porzingis can do this:

and this:

And apparently play joga bonito like he’s fucking Pele. I heard KP could have led Latvia to their first ever World Cup but he chose basketball because he wanted to break down racial barriers and pave the way for other white European freaks who get judged unfairly. Plus with monster hands like that you cant play a game thats all feet. Dude made that basketball look like a tennis ball when he snatched it out of the air.

Tonight was another one of those nights where the Knicks lose but Porzingis plays well and does cool shit so on the inside you feel like its a W. They were a bucket away from breaking the Spurs thousand game win streak at home so I cant get too mad, but goddamit I hate Jose Calderon.