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We Had A Good Old Fashioned Raccoon Takeover At A Bronx Chinese Restaurant Last Night

NY Daily News- Clearly, they had a taste for Lo Mein.  Two huge raccoons tried to switch up their usual garbage bin dinner for a hot meal courtesy of New Chinatown restaurant in the Bronx, a witness confirmed to the Daily News.

Bronx resident Tamika Jones uploaded a video of the frisky bandits’ brazen attempt to make it into the store‘s kitchen area by climbing up a metal gate.  “My little brother heard some strange noise in a box,” Jones explained to the Daily News. “He heard the worker scream and two big raccoons came from the back and tried to go back before my godfather hassled them to leave.”


New York, man.  Come for the content opportunities and stay for the relentless animals that will stop at nothing to get into your apartments, businesses and food.  I cannot wait until our group of misfits are all together in this dumpy city.  I am pretty sure a squirrel in the wall is considered a win for a New York office.  That is until the subway rat or raccoon eats it.  Should be a wild ride.