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While Kirk Was Putting Together An Incredible Season, He Was Also Fostering Puppies At Home

Post - To the list of Kirk Cousins descriptors — “Lord of the Rings” devotee,conversion van driver, Chipotle fanatic, time-management expert, Starter jacket connoisseur, NFC offensive player of the month — add at least one more line: foster doggie parent.  “That’s all Julie,” Cousins said this week, referring to his wife, who fostered dogs while at the University of Georgia. “She just loves dogs. She can’t get enough of it. And so when we got married, it was kind of understood — she had warned me when we were dating, that was kind of an expectation. So we foster them, and we just get one at a time, and when it finds a home, we give it to that home and we take another one from the shelter.” The Cousins have fostered a half-dozen dogs in the last 18 months, including three this season. The Cousins keep in touch with all the families who have adopted their foster dogs, and that the couple has a photo album of dogs they have fostered displayed on their coffee table.

There’s not much not to like about Kirk Cousins. Worked his ass off to get the starting job, had been crushing it on the field week in and week out, became a superstar with the “You Like That!” rallying cry (shirts also available!), wore a Starter jacket on the podium, and fostered puppies the entire time.

I just can’t imagine him losing to Aaron freaking Rodgers on Sunday. No way no how. Aaron Rodgers kills puppies for sport.