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Boston Police Officer Shot – Serious But Stable Condition


A Boston police officer was just shot in Dorchester. Sounds like he?s going to make it which is obviously great news. Stories like these still need to be talked about though. They still need to be front page news. All you ever hear about is bad cop stories nowadays. And no doubt there are bad cops just like there are bad people in pretty much every single profession on earth. BUT it doesn?t change the fact 99% of police officers are normal good guys who literally put their life on the line every single day. Somehow that seems to have gotten lost lately.?? That's why I always give cops the benefit of the doubt.? That's why when you resist arrest even a tiny bit you deserve to get your ass beat.? These guys never know who they are dealing with or what can happen.? There is no other job quite like it.? So thoughts and prayers to the BPD officer who got shot and hopefully he makes a speedy recovery.