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Don't Be Shocked When The Next Time You See This Guy And His Gigantic Bear "Friend" One Of Them Won't Have A Head

I’ll give you two guesses which one is going to die first but you’ll only need one. This batshit Russian better be feeding this thing all the Salmon that instinctively flock in Capistrano to keep that monstrosity happy. Seriously. Look at that beast. That bear is a few pounds and an awkward mustache/jacket combo to blogger territory. But it’s all fun and games until big bear licks his human friend’s face clean off. We’ve all heard about what happened to Grizzly Man and saw our beloved Leo get mauled in The Revenent. These beasts could decapitate you with one flick of the dick.

Yet again, when the sign says don’t feed the bears, man you better not feed those bears. And especially don’t fuck around when Mama is nearby. Holy hell.