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Guy Fieri Is Hosting A 700 Dollar All You Can Eat Super Bowl Tailgate And I Guess We Now Know Where Peter Chernin's Investment Is Going



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So who’s telling Peter Chernin that this is where his money is going to? Do I need to do that myself or is that Dave’s responsibility? I mean the NYC office is going to be awesome and the tech and production quality of all our videos are going to be top notch and blah blah blah, but when we get down to brass tacks here, they’re paying for me to eat in a more lavish way and never say no to a challenge. That’s part of the deal. Oh you thought you were buying a burgeoning media company? HA! You bought a company that needs money so a fat guy can eat on camera while the other fat guy tests cheez-its on another camera. That’s what you bought. Sorry if it wasn’t clear before the deal went through but trust me, it will become very clear, very quickly.




If Guy Fieri knows what the people want, he’ll be throwing meatballs from the stage directly into our mouths. Did I just describe heaven?