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Channing Tatum's Wife Jenna Duwan Performed "Pony" On Lip Sync Battle And It Was Unbelievably Sexy

Jenna Duwan Tatum is lowkey one of the sexiest chicks out there. Shes so under the radar and I have no idea why. Shes a SMOKE and can move her body like none other. Honestly the only person sexier than her is Channing Tatum. The sex these two must have…holy shit. Like I’m technically a virgin compared to the sex they have.

Her performance was spectacular:

When she grabbed his dick I starting hootin and hollering like black people at a dunk contest. Just absolutely awesome.

And then my man Channing did a Beyonce rendition that was simply preposterous:

Complete with an actual appearance from Queen Bey:

The Tatums are the perfect combo of sexy and funny and I want to watch their sextape.