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The Maine Governor Has An Interesting Theory As To Who's Behind The Heroin Epidemic (D-Money. It's D-Money's Fault.)





Hysterical speech from Governor LePage here. Who’s getting all the white folks in the South of the North addicted to drugs? Well, it’s the blacks from New York. It’s D-Money, Smoothie, and Shifty (who’s less a black dude from New York and more a character from Angels with Filthy Souls along with Snakes, Johnny, and Acey… ya see?). Do those sound like drug dealers in a terrible made for TV movie? Maybe. Did Governor LePage just Google “black dealer names” before this press conference? Perhaps. But that’s who’s doing it nonetheless. They drive a million hours from the city to deliver their heroin and fuck a white girl. And that last part? Well that just leaves a whole ‘nother mess of problems. Not only are they bringing drugs into the state, they’re also leaving mixed race babies behind. Fucking up the whole demographic, for god’s sake. Maine doesn’t need Urchins, it needs Skys. Better get this bullshit in check before Richard and Dylan lose their lift attendant jobs at Sunday River to Deon and Malakai.