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So I Guess Our Blackhawks Good Luck Charm Tommy Is A Bonafide Superstar

So if you’ve been paying attention this postseason, our unofficial mascot is a kid named Tommy…

He’s like a rabbit’s foot, a playoff beard, and four leaf clover all rolled into one masterful boy named Tommy. Well news to me, Tommy here is actually a legit SUPERSTAR. I’m talking 5 tool player. Sings, acts, dances, claps (best clapper I have ever seen).

You name it, Tommy does it. Like you know the eye test. Say for instance, you went to a Bulls game in the 90’s and watched both teams warm up but they weren’t wearing uniforms and you didn’t know anyone’s name. Even without knowing who Michael Jordan is you could tell. That guy is different. He carries himself differently. He has that “WOW” factor where you see him and you say to yourself, damn, this guy can play. That’s what I see when I see Tommy. He’s got “it”, and he’s going to take us all the way to another Stanley Cup. Never been more sure of something in my life. While all the other teams are just trying to survive, Tommy and the Blackhawks will be high stepping in their eyeball. Feels great. Really does.


I realize taken out of context finding some random videos of a 7 year old boy is just a little weird but guess what, it’s the playoffs. Gotta find that edge. Tommy is that edge. No other team has a Tommy. And like the old saying goes, it’s not weird until you make it weird (I made this saying up 2 minutes ago).