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Barstool Emergency Press Conference - New York, New York

Ok obviously huge news. In all seriousness thank you to all the Stoolies who have been with us for so long. It’s kind of amazing how many people I see who are still like I used to grab the newspaper from your sorry ass outside South Station when you were competing vs. the Spare Change guy. Without our readers who are the best/most insane on the internet none of this happens. And again I can’t stress this enough. Even though I’m not the majority owner of Barstool anymore I’m still 100% in charge of content. This was not my cash out moment. This was our best shot to literally take this thing to the moon. To swing for the fences. The idea to move us all into one office in NYC was my idea. Chernin knows about the Size 6 skinny jean joke. They know about Babygate. They know about Al Jazeera. They get it. They understand it. They understand what makes us tick and don’t want to change it at all. That’s the only way I’d ever agree to something like this. Hopefully this deal makes us bigger, faster, stronger better at everything we do. Like I said in the press conference. Chapter 1 of the book is done. Chapter 2 is about to begin. Next stop…the moon.

I’m gonna go on Periscope to answer any questions Stoolies may have at 3pm for a live Periscope Press Conference. Follow my twitter account @stoolpresidente to join in. And I’m gonna do a Reddit AMA on our reddit page at 7pm as well. I’ve always been pretty transparent with what we’re doing and will answer basically all the questions you guys got about next moves and plans for literal world domination.

PS – I’m kinda rich now.