How Much Would You Pay For A Billy Vegas Painting?






To quote Don King….Only In America!  I mean we got Peyton Manning doing steroids, we got North Korea dropping the atomic bomb, and all anybody cares about is Billy Football.   TMZ literally holding the free world hostage waiting to drop the tape.   People waiting with baited breath to see the raw footage.  Motherfuckers cleaning out their bank accounts to buy Billy Football paintings.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  It’s Billy Football mania!  Like I didn’t think any player in the history of the world could create more hysteria with doing less than Tim Tebow, but we were wrong.  It’s Billy Football 24/7.

Aw fuck it.  I was gonna wait till the TMZ video came out to drop our Billy Vegas tshirts but I can’t wait no more.  Just too hot of a shirt to not let people buy now.