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In Honor of Ken Griffey Jr Getting Inducted To The Hall I Had To Give His Rookie Card A Quick Shout Out


The 89 Upper Deck Griffey Jr rookie card was quite simply the most famous baseball card of my generation. You were an absolute nobody if you didn’t have this card. A fucking nobody. It put Upper Deck on the map. I don’t care how many Todd Van Poppel, Ricky Jordan, or Greg Jeffries cards you had. I don’t care if you had 10 Jose Cancesco/Eric Plunk rookies. You were an absolute chump if you didn’t have the Griffey Jr card. I wouldn’t even invite your ass to Tradefest if you didn’t have it in your collection. Yes I know the card market was basically an elaborate Ponzi scheme. I know it totally collapsed. I know all that. But I’m still convinced I could walk into any car dealership in America and when they ask how I’m paying I slide them my 89 Griffey Upper Deck card in mint condition and they’d be like “ok good to go”