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Mother Of The Century Tatted Up Her 12 And 13 Year Old Sons With These Bad Ass Tattoos


Source  A New York woman is believed to have used a tattoo gun to permanently ink her two young kids. Chantilly Thomas of Buffalo was busted on New Year’s Eve after police received a call about her children’s welfare. According to WKBW Buffalo, Chautauqua County police determined that her boys were being mistreated — discovering she had tattooed “Ride or Die” on the back of her 12-year-old’s hand as well as inking a lightning bolt on the 13-year-old’s hand.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 1.47.22 PM

I don’t see what Tilly Thomas did wrong. Mrs. Thomas saw that her sons were getting that tattoo itch and nipping it in the bud was the only real way to get them past this phase. By giving her kids the ink, she just cut out the middle-man, you know she for sure made sure that the needle was clean, and best of all had some mother-son bonding. A little Hep B never hurt anyone, right? If anything she should be praised for giving her kids a gift that lasts a lifetime.

We are also completely discounting the street cred her kids just gained. I had a nerdy oreo-type friend when I was growing up but, in 9th grade, the kid got a new haircut and a tattoo (I think he drew it on himself with marker, but still) of a some type of ghost and suddenly he got a cool new nickname and was rolling in the pussy. We’re talking girls standing in the lunch line with him every single day. That was with a weird ghost tattoo, imagine how these kids will do walking around with a lightning bolt or “Ride or Die” on their hands. Not to mention, tattoos only really hinder you if you are looking for some fancy job or if you’re old and flabby but these kids are in middle school and won’t be in the market for a career until 20never.

PS: By looking at the mom’s mug I believe this story, but that ink is a bit too good. There’s more to this story, much like my friend’s ghost tattoo in 9th grade. Still don’t know if it was real and I don’t know what makes him more of a lunatic- drawing it on every day or actually having it.