Well, Shit: Sean Payton To Remain With The Saints


PFT - Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Payton will remain the coach of the Saints for the 2016 season. Payton’s status has been the subject of speculation for a while and it heated up with recent reports that the Saints would be willing to discuss allowing Payton to go to another team in exchange for compensation. The Colts were reportedly interested and there was also talk about possible moves from the Giants and 49ers in the hours since the end of the regular season.

I guess it was a pipe dream that had a minuscule chance of becoming a wet dream, anyways. Yeah their salary cap situation is a mess and soaked, one-ply toilet paper holds better than their D, but it’s a smart move by the Saints. As long as (a healthy) Drew Brees is in town and Sean Payton is under contract these guys have a chance to win any game. It just royally sucks because he would’ve looked fabulous cursing like a drunken sailor on the Eagles sideline.

Prepare for an Adam Gase press conference at the Novacare on Monday. Book it. Hell, they might not even wait till his second scheduled interview on Saturday to give him the go.