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Let’s start with this.  I shouldn’t be judging the way anyone looks.  I have the face of a gargoyle and the body of a dinner roll. I should be the last person ever to judge a person on the way they look because my body is a disaster on the scale of Chernobyl.  That’s what happens when you lead a sedentary blog life that also includes lots of alcohol and having Dominos and Jimmy Johns on speed dial. With all of that said, my girl Tara Reid looking like a goddamn skeleton in her bathing suit isn’t a great look for her. I will gladly hand over the phone numbers of Dominos and Jimmy Johns if that’s what it’s gong to take.  Let’s put a little meat on those bones. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen her like this. We’re on a similar roller coaster with Jessica Simpson. One month she’ll look great but then the next month she looks….not great. Same with Tara. I know I’ve had blogs in the past where she looked like a smoke. And I know I’ve had other blogs where it was the opposite. All within the span of two years.


I guess my main thing is that it’s hard to look at her now when we have so many pictures of her looking like this


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And it could be argued that Tara is super young in all of those photos and that she’s 40 now but I don’t know.  All I’m saying is come back to us, Tara. We miss you. I know America Pie happened a bazillion years ago but bring that girl back.