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Gotta Love This Lakers Fan Throwing On A Warriors Jersey In The Middle Of Last Night's Beatdown






I love LA. Hands down the funniest major metropolitan “sports” city we’ve got in these great United States. If this happens in Boston, New York, Chicago, Philly it’s a shocking event. Something that would probably lead SportsCenter and have the owners panicking in the box. But in LA it’s just normal. Lakers stink? Oh well, I’ll become a Warriors fan at halftime. Who cares? You’ve gotta respect someone who is who they are, and that’s what Los Angeles does. They’re front-runners who will go Benedict Arnold on your ass at a moment’s notice and they’re not afraid to admit it. People in LA simply like being happy. Not gonna allow themselves to get worked up or heartbroken over some tough times, they’ll just drop you. Doesn’t matter if you’re their wife or their basketball team, if you’re not fun then they’ll get a new one out in California. Loyalty schmoyalty. Thank God they’re getting two NFL teams, always need to have the options open for a halftime swap.