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Emily Ratajkowski Says Hello

Kind of a mean pic for EmRat to throw in my face. It’s 9 degrees here, it’s 9 degrees everywhere, and she’s dancing and prancing around in her little bikini reminding us of how great her life is. If I could be in my bikini poolside I would be, but someone has to man the Internet streets. Just doing god’s work out here, day in and day out.

This got me to thinking if she is going to have a big 2016 or not. She was in that Zac Efron movie which bombed horribly and kinda disappeared back into the woods. I always look at her as Megan Fox 2.0, is there a 3.0 on the way? Stupid hot chick who gets movie roles and then falls off the Earth? Or does Emily here have staying power? Hard to say, fellas. Hard to say. And even if her movie career fails, she’ll always have a sweet rack to fall back on. And you can’t teach that.

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