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Deer Goes Flying Through Bus Window At About 10 Million Miles Per Hour




What a dick move by that deer but fuck that was cool. Straight up matrix style. Flying through time and space with no regard for human life. I know basically nothing about deer, but what little knowledge I do have is that they love crashing through shit and being places they shouldn’t be. Is this because the only time I actually see a deer is when it’s on the internet? Probably. But I’m not one of those stat nerds that cries about small sample sizes. If I see it once, it probably happens all the time.



Love this bus driver. Asking for videotapes of this before it goes “vile” on the internet. Like I just imagine him getting a VHS, going home, taking a seat in his lazy boy, cracking open a Busch Light and watching the security footage from the bus roughly 10 billion times. Simple man, simple pleasures.