Super Smart Lady Messes Around With A Lighter At The Gas Pump And It Goes Less Than Well



Women, am I right? I’m not sure what we just watched but there are only two options for what just occurred. We either watched a suicide attempt or we are looking at the world’s dumbest person. I honestly hope it was a suicide attempt. I really do. It’s weird to hope for that but I also don’t love the thought of living on the same planet as someone who is like, “What happens if I spark my lighter REALLY close to my car while I’m filling up? Let’s find out!” I don’t want people with brains that think that way hanging around.  The guy whose car had the dash-cam felt the exact same way.  He was OUTTA there as soon as she coated the right side of her car in flames.  No stopping, no hero tactics, no getting out and helping her. Fuck that. Always be looking out for #1.  Him and that other car were basically drag racing to see who could get out of the parking lot faster so they didn’t die when the whole place went up in smoke. That’s the reaction a normal person should have to a moron sparking up a lighter surrounded by thousands of gallons of fuel. Just another lesson in Darwinism.