A Chicago Homeless Man Built An Igloo On Wacker And It's Actually Pretty Awesome

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This is AWESOME. Beat the cold, beat the wind, eventually get squatters rights and own that piece of Wacker and if I’m looking correctly it seems to me that there is a lot of floor space in there, so much room for activities.



I only have two questions. 1 is why this guy didn’t build his igloo on Lower Wacker. That spot on Upper Wacker has thousands of cars, tourists, and busses pass it every day. Lower Wacker is like Gotham City. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to get your car towed in the City of Chicago and have it end up in Central impound you know that Lower Wacker is another planet. It’s straight out of a post apocalypse movie. I’m actually pretty sure there are more than igloos on Lower Wacker, homeless people have straight up mansions down there. And question 2, something I’m sure we’re all wondering, where do you go to the bathroom? I mean it’s obviously not too much different than non igloo homeless living but with the cover I have to think there is a temptation to pee directly on your igloo. Do you walk a block to an alley or do you wake up and piss on the far wall of your igloo, knowing it will eventually cave the foundation. I’d have to lean the latter right? Piss on your igloo and slowly watch it crumble. What’s the worse that can happen? It disappears and you’re homeless? That’s square one, I’d take that over having to walk 100 yards for your morning piss. Bum or no bum, that would be unbearable.