Jeb Bush's Entire Presidential Campaign Summed Up In One Depressing Tweet

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There it is, that’s it. The saddest presidential campaign of all time summed up in a single tweet. Jeb Bush walking around with a bunch of tiny turtle dolls in his pocket, handing them out to young boys and telling them to remember slow and steady wins the race. Poor Jeb. Bullied by Trump, shunned by his Dad and Brother, and now just the creepy dude in a sweater that talks to children and gives them trinkets. He’s like Mr. Duncan from Home Alone 2. Fuck man, look at yourself, you’ve got a pocket full of turtle dolls, that’s your campaign strategy, what the hell are you doing? End this, it’s actually making me sad.



Would love to see George and HW’s reaction to this. Sitting on the ranch, drinking a Lone Star while Jeb is passing out toys to every child in America.