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Dirk Threw Down A MONSTER Dunk Last Night, Just Kidding He's Old And Got Stuffed By The Rim







Good news bad news for Dirk. Bad news, you just got stuffed by the rim on a play that didn’t even count, the ultimate indignity. Could even see Dirk trying to flee the scene of the crime as quickly as possible. Good news, this is still the year of Kobe and Dirk’s age is flying nicely under the radar. Also Dirk actually has a sense of humor about it and people will always love him. He’s the wacky foreign exchange student that is extremely skilled and wildly underrated but never felt like a huge threat except for the one year they beat the Heat.



Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.12.12 AM





As for the rest of the game, Deron Williams hit a double OT buzzer beater which is weird because ever since Illinois he’s basically the least clutch person on earth.







I’ve started playing pick up hoops again and I’ve just been doing this thing where I play the first game, miss a bunch of shots, grab some rebounds, then pretend I’m hurt in the second game and pretend I’m going to the bathroom but just grab all my shit and never come back. It’s pretty pathetic but at least I’m out there right?