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Why Is Anyone Acting Like It's News That RG3 "Is Interested In Playing For The Cowboys" Next Season...No Shit He Is

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SI - Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is interested in signing with the Dallas Cowboys if he is cut by the Redskins this off-season, reports Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports. Following nearly three seasons as the Redskins starting quarterback, Griffin did not appear in a game for Washington this year after he was replaced as the starter by Kirk Cousins during the preseason. Robinson’s sources have said Griffin has Dallas “atop [his] preferred destinations,” and that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would be interested in signing the 25-year-old quarterback. In 2014, Jones told the NFL Network he was “a fan of RG3.” In three NFL seasons, Griffin has started 35 games and completed 63.9% of his passes for 8,097 yards. Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel also reportedly would like to sign with the Cowboys, and is considered likely to depart from Cleveland this off-season.


STOP THE PRESSES!!!!! A 3rd string quarterback wants to play for another team next year where he’ll have a better chance at starting!!! I cannot believeeeee the number of people trying to make this non-story into a “thing”. It’s the most annoying part of the way the Internet is used now- everything has to be a “thing”. I mean, how dumb is this:  “Robinson’s sources have said Griffin has Dallas “atop [his] preferred destinations”. No fucking shit???? RG3 would prefer to play for a team in his home state, close to his friends and family, for a team that needs a new starting QB? Well I’ll be darned. Next thing you’ll tell me is Johnny Football doesn’t want to play for Cleveland any more. I wonder how Colin Kaepernik feels about playing in San Fran? Mind buster.

The fact of the matter is I hope RG3 does get a second chance. I hope it’s not in Dallas though, because I, like most Skins fans, want to root for him. I want him to succeed. (Blog I wrote earlier this week has more about this topic) If RG3 goes to Dallas, it’ll be hard to root for him because Dallas is the root of all evil, and I will have choice but to hate him. Would be rather funny if RG3 ended up in Cleveland and resurrected that franchise while Johnny Football goes to Dallas and elevates them to a Barnum and Bailey sized circus.