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Derek Jeter's Trainer Linked To The Peyton Manning HGH Scandal

NYDN - While many of his Yankee teammates, including Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Jason Giambi and Alex Rodriguez, were linked to performance-enhancing drugs, Derek Jeter always remained above the steroid fray. But Jeter’s play-by-the-rules reputation may take a hit after The New York Times linked Jeter to Florida trainer Jason Riley, who founded a supplement company with Charlie Sly, the pharmacist who told Al Jazeera that an Indianapolis anti-aging clinic hadshipped human growth hormone to the wife of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. The report does not provide any evidence that suggests Jeter violated Major League Baseball’s steroid policy during his 20 seasons with the Yankees, but it does raises questions about the Yankee star’s relationship with Riley, who founded Elementz Nutrition with Sly, who has since claimed he lied when he told Al Jazeera the Guyer Institute had shipped HGH to Ashley Manning. Sly also used Riley’s home address when he applied for a pharmacist license in Florida, the Times reported. According to a 2010 Daily News story, agent Casey Close, general manager Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi hatched a plan to send Jeter to the Saddlebrook Resort, an elite training facility about 30 minutes from Tampa, to work with Riley. Jeter, who had become a liability at shortstop, worked with Riley to improve his defensive play.

NYT – His most famous client, the man whose career he was credited with reshaping and saving from mortality’s shadow, was Derek Jeter. In 2010, a few years into Riley’s makeover, The Daily News proclaimed: “Derek is turning back the clock at short.” ESPN declared that Riley had “dumped the Captain into a hot tub time machine” and turned him into a 25-year-old. Significant caveats are in order here: No evidence has emerged linking Jeter to performance-enhancing drugs, and Sly did not connect him to banned substances, although he boasted of helping other athletes obtain them. 

ReHGHpect! Can you imagine how bad Derek Jeter would have been if he didnt do HGH??? I mean if that glove was with the help of PEDs can you imagine what it was gonna be naturally?? Can you imagine how many times those inside out, Jeterian opposite field bloops would have just been little flares right to the 2nd baseman? I think all 3,465 of his hits would have been L-4. At the very least the last 6 years of his career would have been all outs if he didnt link up with this HGH dude in 2010.

Obviously I’m just tweaking Yankees fans here and theres nothing really tangible linking Jeets directly to HGH, but its funny to see who gets a free pass and who doesnt. Like I guarantee Jeter will get the Peyton Manning Pass. Absolutely nobody will ever even consider this a possibility and Jeets will always get the benefit of the doubt. Why? Because people like him. The media likes him. The fans like him. Everyone’s first inclination is that the Captain did things the right way and so that’s that. Everyone’s mind is made up. But he’s an overachiever who played until he was 40 years old, was almost never ever injured, had one of his best seasons ever and led the league in hits at the age of 38, and his trainer has apparently supplied tons and tons of athletes with HGH. Even if you dont believe in the terrorists over at Al Jazeera, theres still enough to be suspicious. He spent his entire career around aging superstars who all cheated. An entire locker room of old baseball players still performing at a high level because of PEDs. How Jeter fans cant look at that and be like “Hmmmm yea thats kinda fishy” is beyond me. Riley “turned back the clock” on Manning and dropped Jeter in the “hot tub time machine.” But there’s definitely absolutely NO chance Jeter ever did anything? Get lawst. Even if you dont believe in the terrorists over at Al Jazeera, theres still enough to be suspicious.

But this is where ultimately Jeets is still the smartest athlete in the history of sports. Why? Because he didnt have a wife. Didnt have the dumb ass stupid fucking idea to have his wife get HGH for him. Like nobody would ever figure out that plan. Once again everything – all of Jeter’s success – comes back to him not getting married during his career. You play better and you cheat better when you’re not tied down. How no other athletes follow in his footsteps I will NEVER understand. Just look at the proof – Jeter was able to do all the HGH he wanted and have an illustrious career all because he was riding solo. Smartest decision a superstar athlete has ever made.