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High School Ref Flops Outta The Gym After A Coach Hits Him With A Headbutt



FLOP.  What the hell was that?  Go back and watch and tell me that ref didn’t instantly fold once he saw coach running up on him.  Every other headline and article I’ve seen about this video is pure OUTRAGE that the coach would do such a thing when he actually didn’t do anything. I’m honestly not even sure the coach touched the guy.  It almost looks like he missed but the ref still flew into the 10th row. The coach wanted to argue with the ref about a call and the ref flopped himself into the fetal position as soon as it got a little heated. Bullshit.  I came to see a ref get his nose smashed in by a riled-up high school basketball coach and all we got was a big time flop.  At worst the coach barely even grazed him and the ref reacted like he got shot in the face with a shotgun. He should be embarrassed, the ref not the coach.  Refs are supposed to be fighting the war against flopping not being a part of it. This isn’t the example we need to be setting for our basketball youth of America. Ref flopped like a mother fucker. We all saw.