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I’m having A Hard Time Wrapping My Gigantic Brain Around the Fact That Jim Tomsula Made 14 Million Dollars This Season



NBCTomsula, who was fired after the season finale on Sunday, will get every cent of the $14 million in his four-year contract, 49ers owner Jed York said. “I would say this: We’ve got several years of Jimmy T’s salary left and we’re going to eat it,” York said. “Whether he’s coaching somewhere else or not, we owe him that. That’s not a concern.”


I guess this shouldn’t be that surprising. The NFL has more money than god and NFL coaches get paid a shit ton. And in the scheme of NFL coaches salaries Jim Tomsula was dead last. He was literally the lowest paid coach in the NFL. But still the dude just cleared 14 million dollars. I just assumed he was making like 80K or something. I mean what does a guy like Jim Tomsula do with 14 million dollars? How many Thunderbird Camaros can one man buy? How many steaks can one man eat? Does a guy like Tomsula even use banks or credit cards? Does he even know what the stock market is? Or does he just keep the cash stuffed under his mattress and wait to buy a used car dealership chain. I’d love to see how Tomsula spends his money. Almost like Brewsters Millions Part 2 featuring Jim Tomsula.

PS – Jed York calling Jim Tomsula Jimmy T and saying off course we’re gonna pay Jimmy T all his money is sneaky the most condescending insult of all time. Imagine Bob Kraft calling Bill Belichick Billy B? Winning starts and stops there.