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A Guy Who Works 80 Hours/Week In Tokyo Made a Great Video Documenting His Life And It's Funny If You Ignore How Terribly Depressing It Is


Just puts everything into perspective a little bit. Sure you might be sitting there in your cube- sad, depressed, broke, a bit hungover from the weekend- but hey, most of you aren’t working 80 hours a week doing bullshit and sleeping on a bed I wouldn’t even make a cat sleep on. His meals are yogurt and granola. His workouts are 3 pushups. Then he goes to sleep and does it all over again. It’s like Groundhogs Day but there’s no girl, there’s no hope, there’s no comedic relief. Just sadness. In his free time he made a video showing the world how awful his life is. I have to imagine his next video will be his suicide.



PS: I read up on these “Tokyo Salary Men”. And it’s a bunch of people whose lives just revolve around working. They are born to work and then they die. The company rules their life. In between work their boss sets them up with a woman and they pop out a baby or two that you never see because you’re always working. That’s basically the only perk. You only see your wife when it’s time to fuck and you only see your kid once a week.


PS: Weird thing is this guy isn’t even Japanese. He has that British accent. Did he voluntarily sign up for this gig? That’d be the most insane thing of all time. If he went there in search of a job like that. Insane.