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Arena Football League Coach Bundles Opposing Team Running Back After Touchdown


Haymakers HC Dave Brumagen takes out Omaha Beef player after running back throws ball at him.


Awesome. I don’t care if you’re a finely tuned athlete covered in pads, you get in my face and I’ll drop your fucking ass. Love a coach that is so fired up he can’t help but physically fight the opposing team. Smart? Probably not but at least you know he cares right? I mean who can’t get pumped up for Lincoln Haymakers vs Omaha Beef. Rivalry speaks for itself.


My question is this though. Who in the NFL pulls this off. I went through the whole list and I came up with 8 Yes’s, 21 No’s, and 3 Maybes




Starting 3 for Yes has to be Jim Harbaugh, Rex Ryan and Schiano right? I wouldn’t even blink if any of those guys did this. I’m actually pretty sure Harbaugh and Schiano wake up in the morning praying to god someone gets in their face just so they can get in a fist fight.


Who’d I miss?