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Sad Eli Manning Makes Me Want To Cry


So yesterday I blogged about sad Eli being interviewed and clearly being upset about what he thought (knew?) was about to happen to the only coach he ever played for in the NFL.  But Jeeeeesus, this video from today’s press conference hurt even more.  Regardless of who you root for, if your eyes didn’t fill up with water after that lip quiver, you have no soul.

Again, Eli is infamous for always being even-keeled.  I think the biggest reason he was able to beat the Patriots was because of his demeanor.  Going up against Belichick and Brady in a Super Bowl is tough enough on a talent level, but you are crazy if you don’t think those guys are in peoples’ heads before the game even begins.  But Eli has always been Awww Shucks Eli.  So to see him again so shook about Coughlin leaving has me shook.  Jerry Reese better have more Odell Beckham Jr. and Ahmad Bradshaw picks in this draft with less Rueben Randles and Andre Williamses.  Because Giants fans are sad and angry now.  When Big Dumb Eli cries, we all cry.