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Tom Coughlin Leaving John Mara Hanging At The End Of His Press Conference Was INCREDIBLE


And just like that, General Coughlin marches out of our lives and into Giants immortality.  Every cube monkey on the planet dreams of the day he can basically ignore his boss as he leaves the office for the last time.  Instead most of us will write the “Thanks for everything” email to everyone that is hollow as fuck.  But not General Coughlin.  He went straight Peter Gibbons on his ex-boss, with John Mara playing the roll of Bill Lumbergh.  All that was missing was “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta” blaring in the background.  And I can’t blame Coughlin one bit.  If you coached a team to two Super Bowls and could have hypothetically made the playoffs with a team that had this dog shit defense, you would be a little upset that they fired you “allowed you to resign” while keeping the GM that assembled said dog shit defense.  If Tom Coughlin ever coaches another team to a Super Bowl, I know he will handle it with the class and grace we have been spoiled by as Giants fans.  But I also know that in the back of his mind, he will be saying “John, Steve, and Jerry, tell me how my ass taste” in his head.  Because this does not sound like a guy that is ready to retire:

And yes, the mere thought of Tom Coughlin coaching in Dallas, Philly, or Washington will keep me awake at night for the foreseeable future.