11 Year Old Kid Makes 6 Month Undercover Expose On His School Lunch Because He Thinks It's Unhealthy

Source – A budding young movie-maker who secretly film the unappetizing meals being served up at his elementary school has seen his results become an award-winning documentary. New York City public school student Zachary Maxwell, now 11, started filming his school lunches in the fall of 2011 because of a dispute with his parents about whether or not he should be allowed to take lunch to school. While his parents wanted him to eat the school’s lunches, which sounded appetizing on the school’s menu, Zachary wanted to prove that the menus weren’t accurate. Over a six month period, Zachary sneaked a video camera into his school cafeteria and filmed his less-than-appetizing meals. With help from his father, those undercover reports were turned in a 20-minute film called ‘Yuck: A 4th Grader’s Short Documentary About School Lunch.’


I wrote this long winded diatribe on why this kid sucks and why I hate him for being a narc instead of being an 11 year old kid and just enjoying his life. It was like 3 paragraphs on how I wish I was 11 again and how this kid should stop being such a needle dick and just enjoy his life while he still can. Play sports, try to make out with girls, have video game sleepovers with your best bro’s, basically anything other than a super secret 20/20 investigation by Morgan Spurlock Jr about diet in America. But I realized it was all superflous. All you need to know is this.

Dual Camera Selfy, such a hardo move