Donald Trump Says America Needs More Tom Bradys, Continues To Make All Of The Sense








I mentioned this briefly last night when Trump said he’d fire Roger Goodell, but I’m saying it again: let’s hear the guy out, he’s starting to make a lot of sense. America does need less Roger Goodells and America does need more Tom Bradys. After that, the rest will shake itself out. Get the right guys in the locker room and ride the chemistry to greatness. Does Trump mean “less Muslims and Mexicans” when he says “more perfect, white men”? Perhaps. But he’s not wrong, is he? You can’t say the guy’s wrong. More Tom Bradys, let’s get it Donald.



PS – Interesting tactic by Jeb to put on 100 pounds and throw on a Trump/Brady tshirt. If you can’t beat em, join em.


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