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Shout Out To This Guy Driving Around Australia With A Dead Shark Tied To His Bumper



That’s what the fuck I’m talking about.  Sticking it to the sharks.  Intimidate them. Oceans suck and so do all the creatures that live there and sharks lead the charge.  Up until now the intimidation game between sharks and humans has been a one way street.  It’s not even a contest. The sharks currently control the entire narrative.  All we see is pictures of people with their legs and arms bitten off and videos of sharks attacking surfers in the ocean. It’s terrifying.  The sharks have been dominating the intimidation war for too long and I’m sick of it. Apparently so is that guy. Why not give them a taste of their own medicine?  It’s time we start striking the fear into the sharks and this is a GREAT start.  Dude just driving around town with a giant dead shark tied to his bumper. Right out in the open.  Let the sharks know we’re still really afraid of them but we’re not afraid to tie one of their pals to the front of a Jeep Cherokee and parade it around town. It’s still Humans 1, Sharks infinity but it’s a start.