Vikings Say They Don't Want Urlacher After All


Don’t expect to see Brian Urlacher in a Minnesota Vikings uniform.’s Ian Rapoport reported Tuesday on “NFL Total Access” that the Vikings plan to give in-house roster options the opportunity to compete at inside linebacker “barring unforeseen circumstances.”

NFL free agency is underway. Follow all of the latest player rumors and signings in our free-agent tracker. More… The current plan is to move forward without Urlacher, who has not been discussed in staff meetings, according to Rapoport. The Vikings have shifted Erin Henderson inside with the hope the veteran will take to the role. A Chicago Sun-Times columnist previously had speculated that an Urlacher deal was “getting close to happening” with Urlacher “leaning toward heading to Minnesota and is talking a one- to two-year contract.” The truth is that nothing appears close to happening for Urlacher at this time. He’s a name brand, but it’s no surprise the 35-year-old is struggling to find work.
Is Anyone else starting to feel bad for Urlacher? Of course he has millions of dollars and a pretty awesome life so I don’t feel bad for him in that way, but the way his career is ending is depressing the hell out of me. The Bears basically telling him thanks but no thanks. The Cowboys having zero interest, the Vikings, who everyone assumed would be the team for him, now saying they don’t want him. Posting weird workout videos showing everyone that he’s still got it…

It all sucks. This isn’t how he should go out. He should’ve just retired a Bear. Now he’s probably going to go play for the Jaguars and get injured in week 5 and call it a career. All over a few dollars. It’s like Olin Kreutz all over again just a lot worse. I know I shouldn’t feel bad but I do. Total shame.
Patrick Mannelly woof’d the fuck out of Schefter’s midget ass yesterday. So great.