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Roman Reigns Will Defend The WWE Title IN The Royal Rumble Match

Vince is a god damn lunatic. If I was a betting man, I would have bet every dollar ever made that he would come out in the sleeveless ref shirt after doing a cycle.

Au naturale, baby!

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.40.11 AM

And then Vince unleashed the big news of the night, that the Rumble is going to be for Reigns’ WWE Title. Which is a weird twist on the traditional Rumble, where the winner becomes the number 1 contender at Wrestlemania.

So what happens nows?

Three possible scenarios:

1) Reigns wins, because the WWE is dead set on him being Cena 2.0. The dumb laughs, the stupid grins, the terrible jokes. They’ve taken this huge scary looking monster and made him into a cartoon, it just doesn’t work. So scenario 1 is Reigns wins and they hold some sort of tournament to crown a number 1 contender, probably setting up a match between Cena and Brock at the Fastlane PPV.

2) Reigns loses to someone like Cena or Brock, wins the tournament to be number 1 contender at Fastlane, and then wins back the belt at Mania, solidifying himself as the number 1 star in the business. Brock vs Reigns or Cena vs Reigns is a main event that sells, no doubt about it. And it doesn’t really matter who he goes over, but if I had to guess, it’d be Cena. I still can’t imagine Wrestlemania in Jerry World in front of 100,000 people without WWE’s cash cow, Mr. Moviestar, Mr. Today Show, Mr. Total Divas, Mr. Nicest Guy In The World, John Cena.

3) HHH does what HHH does and inserts himself into the Wrestlemania main event. HHH screws Reigns, wins the title, and then they have the main event match for the title at Mania. I wouldn’t put it past HHH to make the biggest Wrestlemania in the world all about himself. I don’t think this is as likely as other people do- I think HHH is able to see big picture and not continually make himself the main event, but it’s always possible.

Of course there are other scenarios (Rollins having an early return or the Rock main eventing again) but those 3 seem the most likely right now. Whether Reigns wins the Rumble or not, it’s interesting that it appears the winner of the Rumble wins the title, which kinda isn’t the point of the Rumble at all, but I don’t absolutely hate the idea either.

PS: This would be the perfect time to bring back Daniel Bryan, have him in the final 4, and have HHH eliminate him. The amount of heat would be just outrageous.