The Reporter In "Making A Murderer" May Be The Hardest Crush I've Ever Had In My Life

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If you’ve watched Making a Murderer then you knew exactly who I was talking about as soon as you read that headline. Making a Murderer is a true crime tale about a brutal and horrific killing followed by the very fishy court case, but the moment Angenette Levy came on screen the main crime became theft of my heart. I can’t get enough of her. I finished the documentary like two weeks ago and I don’t think there’s been a day that went where she hasn’t been on my mind. She’s smart, she doesn’t take shit from no one, her “The fuck are you talking about?” face is both sexy and scary which makes it more sexy, and her whole look is just right. She’s like part Jenna Haze, part Bob Woodward and I’ll tell you what, that WORKS for me. Never knew that was my bag, but it absolutely is. Need to track her down and woo the hell out of her ASAP.







Couple other Making a Murderer notes:


– I don’t think Steve Avery’s parents have aged a day since he was first charged with that sexual assault in ’87. Looked the same exact age then (one breath from death) as they do right now.


– Brendan Dassey thinking he was gonna be back in school for 6th period after confessing to raping, murdering, and mutilating a woman should tell you all you need to know about that kid’s capacity to stand trial or give a confession. I feel horrible for him. Both because he’s wrongfully in prison and because he missed that Wrestlemania he wanted to see so badly.


– Did get the diploma in prison, though. Along with about 100 pounds.

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– Avery’s defense lawyers, Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, are fucking superstars. I couldn’t get enough of those dudes. Incredibly hardworkers who cared and believed in their case so, so much. Which makes the whole Brendan situation a lot sadder, knowing that if he had them rather than a public defender who was legitimately working against him then he wouldn’t be in jail today.


– It ruined Serial for me. I watched right around the same time s2 of Serial started and I couldn’t care less about listening, it’s never going to be anywhere near as good as this was. Fuck Koenig.


– A petition asking to pardon Avery and Dassey no has over 150k signatures. I’m not really sure what that means, Obama obviously isn’t pardoning these guys, but I guess cool?


– As for my final verdict? Brendan Dassey is obviously 100% innocent. I think Avery is too, but he’s definitely a weirdo. Not owning underwear and lighting cats on fire are both psychopath moves in the truest sense of the phrase. I think Avery could have done it, just not at all as Brendan told the story. There would be marks in the bed posts where the ropes and chains went, there would be blood and DNA. Steven Avery isn’t a criminal mastermind, he’d never clean that and the garage immaculately. Dexter wouldn’t even clean those spots well enough to get away with it. So, while acknowledging that the doc was extraordinarily one sided, you have to say he’s not guilty. He may have done it, but there was way too much fucked up stuff in that case to give a guilty verdict.  WAY too much.


– KFC and I are hoping to jump on a Barstool DVR about this, this week since there’s so much to talk about, way too much for a blog. We’ll try and get that done ASAP so if you’re finishing the show, get it done.