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Ya'll Wanna Hear Something Cute? Jeremy Maclin Statistically Had The Best Hands In Football This Season


Culture! Oh, and Maclin had that honor last year with the Eagles, too.

Salt, I’d like you to meet wound. This is unbelievable. Out of all of Chip Kelly’s off-season moves, or non-moves in this case, not grabbing the sack and bringing Maclin back was arguably the worst (along with not adding a single OL in the freaking draft). No, I don’t blame Chip that much for not resigning the man. Maclin got “overpaid” by his homeslice Big Red and went to KC. Simple as that. If the Eagles would’ve one upped the Chiefs offer then that really would’ve been asking a lot of a truly borderline #1 WR. Still, this hurts. Obviously the Eagles most visible and frustrating fault this past season has been the drops. EVERY. DAMN. GAME. Even in the W’s there were a consistency of butter on all the fingers. It’s simply unacceptable among wide receivers in High School and these guys are paid millions of dollars to, you know, catch the ball for a living.

I’m happy for J-Mac cause he’s honestly a good egg, but shit, man. Oh what could’ve been.