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Report - Jim Irsay Chooses Not To Eat Chuck Pagano This Year, Signs Him To Contract Extension

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And that is why Jim Irsay is king. Float the idea of eating your Coach, get everyone riled up, then re-sign him to an extension. Genius. Super villian stuff. Or he’s probably hungover from a pill riddled Christmas and New Years that he’s too tired to go out and search for another Coach and GM. Sigh and say sure Chuck, you can stay for a couple more years. Choose your own adventure, I’m going with the former, just a rich dude who decided this won’t be the year he’s going to eat his Coach. Way to go Chuck, hope you got yourself a few Grit Coins.




Ryan Grigson getting re-hired is baffling. Most overrated GM in the league. He must know where the bodies are hidden, only explanation. Such a slimer.


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